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To be Your Trusted Law Firm for Life's Legal Needs

Long-term relationships are important. The longer you know someone, their history, relationships and stories, the more you know who they are, what they need and how legal issues impact their and their loved ones' lives. It's actually very "Pittsburgh" to be this way. 

We understand clients are not just case files but have unique and personal needs.  Just like a trusted family doctor, or perhaps family lawyer in a bygone era, Crist Law Center seeks to be your trusted legal adviser. It makes so much sense. Having a long-term trusted relationship with your lawyer allows us to provide you personal and client-focused legal services and you to know you always have an advocate to reach out to.

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Crist Law Center brings decades of experience in the very areas most individuals and families face making us the perfect fit to be your law firm for life:  Domestic Relations, Education Law, DUI/Drug Charges, Estate Planning, Employment Law, and Civil Disputes such as defamation, personal injury, contract fights or property disputes.  With over 22 years of experience, our clients are regularly represented at all levels of court from local magistrates, to agency forums, to state and federal courts - trial through appellate work.  

Long term relationships also permit us to provide preventative and proactive legal advice before a crisis hits.  Our reliability and concern for client satisfaction is reflected in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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We are happy you've found us and look forward to building a trusted relationship with you.  When you or a family member needs legal help, we are here to be your trusted law firm. 


CLC obtains the withdrawal of a mortgage foreclosure case by lender against Client.  Client was initially a domestic relations client, but CLC identified legal issues with her mortgage foreclosure action and successfully saved house for Client and her children.

CLC reaches settlement with local school district on behalf of family claiming violations of IDEA and §504.

CLC wins neighbor dispute at both magistrate and arbitration levels involving damage to property caused by neighbor's use of side yard for ingress/egress of heavy equipment during construction of addition. 

CLC helps negotiate equitable distribution and support agreement protecting ongoing financial health of self-employed business owner ensuring financial stability for children.

CLC helps local client facing enforcement action in Pennsylvania for New Jersey support order.  CLC able to obtain affordable payments on arrears, bringing him into compliance and avoiding contempt.  Modification, termination and arrears adjustment filed locally for NJ determination. CLC aided Client, who chose to represent himself in NJ, by arming him with numbered exhibits, meeting with him to prepare his outline of issues, argument and counter argument. End result? Monthly support reduced, one child determined retroactively emancipated, arrears reduced by over one year's worth of support payments, and Client obtaining a clear court order granting him previously withheld access to all records related to second child and emancipation status.  

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