Company Name - Marjorie E. Crist, Esquire
Civil Litigation
With over 19 years representing clients in court cases Attorney Crist brings extensive experience to the table when it comes of civil litigation.  The Civil Litigation practice area of Crist Law Center handles a wide variety of cases and issues: property disputes, debtor defense, contract disputes, school disputes, bad faith insurance claims, and tort claims such as auto accidents, dog bites, product liability, and  defamation.  
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High quality aggressive representation delivered in a cost efficient manner is the goal in civil cases.  All cases are thoroughly evaluated for existing claims or available defenses.  In defending cases, many times it is discovered the client is the wronged party and counter-claims are raised on their behalf.  For many debt related cases, the use of preliminary objections can be a successful way to end the case against the client in the early stages without incurring a large legal bill.
Throughout her career as a lawyer, Attorney Crist has represented a wide variety of clients in civil court.  She has handled everything from debtor defense, personal injury, bad faith insurance claims to large complex commercial cases involving over a million pages of hard copy documentation.  She recognizes successful representation hinges on the right combination of strategy, attention to detail, knowing the facts and goals of the client,  high quality written and oral advocacy, thoughtful legal research on relevant legal issues and a commitment to being the party that sets the pace of the case. 
If you have been wronged or have been sued in civil court, contact Crist Law Center, LLC for a free consultation.  We can be reached at 412-343-3607 or Attorney Crist can be e-mailed at
Types of Cases
Personal Injury
Property Damage
Mortgage Foreclosures
Contract Disputes
Employment Related Cases
Commercial Disputes
Landlord/Tenant Issues
School Related Claims
Civil Rights & Discrimination
Defamation (Libel/Slander)
Product Liability
Consumer Protection Cases
Bad Faith Handling of Insurance Claims
Sample Representations
Debtor sued by student loan company.  Case dismissed on preliminary objections.
Small business owner who sustained damages as the result of his insurance company handling his claim for stolen property in a bad faith manner.
Individual sustaining severe injuries on neighbor's property resulting in lost wages and medical bills.
Business and owners sued by former affiliate interested in running them out of business.  Counterclaims determined and pursued.