Company Name - Marjorie E. Crist, Esquire
Domestic Relations Litigation
The domestic relations litigation practice at Crist Law Center is a large and active section of the law firm.  Clients facing a case in domestic relations or family division often find the experience to be stressful, confusing and, yes, emotional. 
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We strive to lessen the negatives of going through a domestic relations case through counseling the client on what to expect in family court as well as ensuring they have an understanding in many matters they can be decision makers.
The three basic areas of domestic relations are divorce/equitable distribution, support (spousal and child) and custody.  In addition to these areas, CLC represents clients with a wide variety of domestic issues such as Protection From Abuse (PFA), paternity claims, prenuptial planning, grandparent rights, enforcement and contempt issues, and different settlement options such as arbitration. 
One critical goal in representation is cost efficiency.  CLC understands that clients do not have unending resources to pay for legal representation.  From the start of your case we make every effort to seek settlement of claims where settlement is possible because this saves you money.  We pinpoint areas you believe compromise and settlement can occur and we also identify issues that are critical to you that are "non-negotiable." 
Equitable Distribution of Property/Debt
Spousal Support
Alimony Pendente Lite/Alimony
Complex Support Hearings
Child Custody
Child Support
Paternity Claims/Challenges
Protection From Abuse (PFA)
Grandparent Claims
CYF Involvement
Review & Modification of Support
Review & Modification of Custody
Emergency Petitions for Relief
Enforcement & Contempt Issues
Marriage Settlement Agreements
For a couple with young children, divorce seldom comes as a “solution” to stress, only as a way to end one form of pain and accept another.

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