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Unbundle Your Divorce
Protection From Abuse ~~Final Order v. Civil Consent Order ~~ Know the Difference
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Unbundle Your Divorce

Last night's softball game was cancelled causing a change in plans.  My daughter and I decided to hit the local bookstore.  She headed for the young readers section and, after looking at the best-seller shelf, I headed over to the "Law" section.  I'm always interested in seeing the "self-help" books being sold to the unsuspecting public.  Two topics dominate legal self-help books: family/divorce and estate planning.  Two areas affecting the "2 Big F's" that matter to your happiness and sanity on a daily basis:  Family and Finances.

Protection From Abuse ~~Final Order v. Civil Consent Order ~~ Know the Difference

Sadly, the Pittsburgh area has lost another victim to domestic violence.  Within 24 hours of this most recent horrific tragedy?  The morning brought a local "news story" about a 5 month old baby being kidnapped by his father in another domestic incident.  Thankfully, after an Amber Alert was sent, the baby was found. 
Week after week the Family Division of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, as well as county courts throughout the Commonwealth, handle domestic violence cases.

Welcome to The Amicus Curiae Gazette!

Welcome to Crist Law Center's new legal blog "The Amicus Curiae Gazette".  I hope to present timely topics of interest to clients and the reading public alike.  
Why Amicus Curiae?  Well, the Latin translation is literally "friend of the court".  In appellate cases third parties who are interested in the legal questions at issue will file "friend of the court" briefs in support of those questions that could impact the third party.