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Are you in need of a legal advocate, a trial attorney, a litigator or just an attorney? There is a difference. Representing clients in court, whether it is the local magistrate or at the appellate level, requires a particular skill set, personality and attention to detail from the very early stages of any case. 

When asked "what type of law" does Crist Law Center perform, the answer is: we advocate and fight for our clients in courtrooms. We are there for our clients in all sorts of courtrooms, be it local magistrate, agency, civil state or federal, criminal, domestic relations or orphans court, as well as maintaining an active appellate practice. While the majority of cases settle before trial, we aggressively and smartly handle each and every case with the plan that it will go to trial and may require appellate work. This allows for better settlement potential, a higher degree of success should you end up in trial, and preservation of important issues if appellate review arises. 

We also take the time to understand the entire situation facing our client to identify all legal matters they face as well as any counter-claims they may have if they are being sued. It is not unusual for clients to face multiple issues which we can help them with...that discriminatory termination by an aggressive employer may lead to a denial of unemployment compensation (that can be overturned with legal representation) which led to financial distress which then led to getting that traffic ticket for not having your car inspection up to date. 

A recent domestic relations case reflects how our detailed approach to the whole case benefits the client. In what appeared to be a "typical" (we know none are typical!) equitable distribution matter, our client and her ex were facing a mortgage foreclosure action. In some cases, where appropriate, the couple will allow the property to move into foreclosure and find new housing. Stepping in to represent the wife in that matter, we identified fatal flaws in this second mortgage and filed preliminary objections on her behalf. In the background, we also communicated and presented our position to legal counsel for the mortgage holding plaintiff. The end result? The foreclosure action was withdrawn and our client retained the roof over her and her children's heads. 

Because of our years of experience handling lawsuits, we are well positioned to advise our clients with a broad view of the litigation landscape they face. When is settlement appropriate? How long will the case take if we do not settle? What strategies can the other side use against us? Or to prolong resolution? What is our bottomline? Our non-negotiables? Can we get some of the counts against us (we also defend folks in addition to doing plaintiff work) dismissed? Do we have counter-claims? These are all questions we are able to fully advise clients on as their case progresses.

There is no typical day or week at Crist Law Center. However, this past year Attorney Crist represented: a suburban couple involved in a property damage dispute at the magistrate and civil arbitration level, various families facing IEP violations, numerous domestic relations and DUI/Drug clients as well as federal employment discrimination clients and awaits word from the U.S. Supreme Court as to whether they will review an important employment law issue. The one constant? Experience in courtroom advocacy and the detail oriented work and preparation it calls for. 

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