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Attorney Crist meets with clients and prospective clients on a "by appointment" basis. Every effort is made to schedule appointments at times and locations convenient for you. 

Free 20 minute initial phone consults are always available to discuss your matter and our available services.  



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E-Mail Communication:

An efficient way to communicate during your case is through e-mail. E-mail allows you to take the time to write out details getting as much information as possible to the attorney. Your details are printed out, reviewed and placed in your file. In many circumstances a series of e-mail communications can cut down on hourly legal fees and result in better communication! If you are a luddite there is no shame! We still encourage you to write down details and information. Simply send it to us the old fashioned way with an envelope and a stamp and we can review and place in your file.

Sending Documentation:

With ever evolving technology, we retired our not so beloved fax machine and only accept documentation by e-mail in scanned format as well as typical word processing formats such as Word and, yes, good old Word Perfect. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A PHOTOGRAPH OF A DOCUMENT OR OF YOUR PHONE SCREEN SHOWING A TEXT CONVERSATION. Documents need to be sent in a printable format such as .pdf, Word, Word Perfect and/or a scanned version. As noted above, you are always welcome to send documents the old fashioned way - mail or other delivery services!

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Payment Options:

Clients may pay for their legal services by check, credit card, cash/money order, Zelle or via Paypal. To pay by Paypal contact our office beforehand, see below. A 4% processing fee is added to credit card and Paypal payments.  

Paypal Payments:

BEFORE Paying Via Paypal, You MUST Call or E-mail So We Can Pre-Set Your Payment Amount. The button below is set at a $500.00 default.

Zelle Payments: 

The Zelle ID is

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