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Working hard to make a living can take a bad turn in many unfortunate ways such as on the job injury, layoff, termination or discrimination. The current COVID pandemic has made employment issues all the more daunting.  

Facing any employment related case can be confusing and difficult. Do you go to court or an agency? Do you file with the state or federal or both? What documentation is needed? What proof is required for a successful case? Can you fight and win an unemployment denial? 

Attorney Crist has almost three decades of experience advocating on behalf of employees. Early in her career, she worked in a large law firm employment and labor law group as an associate. Most of that early work was on the employer or defendant side of cases giving her a deep understanding of employer tactics such as paper trail building and use of disciplinary policy, in an attempt to build a defense against employment related charges. 

Pittsburgh Cigar Factory Worker 1909

Public Domain

Types of Employment Cases:

Discrimination: age, disability, gender, race, national origin, religion, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, retaliation

Cases Brought by Public Employees: (constitutional violations, Section 1983)

Non-EEO Matters: whistle blower, wrongful termination, covenants not to compete/non-competes, breach of employment contracts, wage & hour violations

Workers Compensation: on the job injury, new complaints for benefits, appeals to Workers Compensation Appeal Board and higher court, terminations and modification efforts

Unemployment Compensation: defenses for claims of termination for willful misconduct and voluntary quit, appeals to Unemployment Compensation Review Board and higher court

Other Specialized Agencies:Railroad Retirement Board, Merit Systems Protection Board



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